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Chemical Resistant

BTC Linoleum Technical Specifications.pdf 

Cleaning & Care
BTC Furniture Linoleum Cleaning Instructions.pdf

pH Neutral products recommended for Safe Cleaning of BTC Furniture Linoleum

Cleaning pH Scale 2014.pdf

Disclaimer -
BTC Furniture Linoleum Adhered to Birchwood Ply
Disclaimer - Twist, Buckling, Bowing/Movement. Plywood is a natural timber product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow or twist. All precautions are taken at time of dispatch to ensure flatness, however once they have left the factory or warehouse, sheets cannot be guaranteed to remain flat unless fixed along all edges. Exposure to changes in weather can cause sheets to bow or twist even with 24 hours.
This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned. Small doors that are well coated/sealed and hinged can give good results, however can still show signs of movement. Plywood on its own is not recommended for large doors or for doors used in a sliding application.

Enviromental Managing System



BTC Linoleum Easy Application.pdf

FIRE - AS 3837 Furniture Linoleum Group 3.pdf
BTC Furniture Linoleum Fire Rating Certificate.pdf


Sustain 885m Adhesive Sell Sheet.pdf

How to Specify

How To Specify 2021.pdf

Impact Report
Utilise Marmoleum test results. Indentation - Residual EN433 < 0.20mm. Refer Forbo Website.


Forbo Marmoleum_Furniture_Desktop.pdf

Materiel Safety Datasheet
Forbo DeskTop Material Safety Datasheet 2015.pdf

Quality Management Approval 


BTC Furniture linoleum E-brochure.pdf

Repairing Minor Hairline Scratches

Repairing Minor Hairline Scratches 2017.pdf

Shade Variation
When furniture linoleum is rolled up or in a sample folder it is not exposed to light and the decor shade may change slightly from its originally manufactured Appearance. When furniture linoleum is exposed to light it will return to its manufactured color shade.

Technical Specifications
Forbo Desktop Furniture Linoleum Technical Specifications(2).pdf
Forbo Desktop (003).pdf

Test Certificate_Forbo Fix L885 Marmoleum Sheet Tile Adhesive.pdf

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