Custom Made Benchtops

Postforming is performed by bonding high pressure laminate to a particle board core. The long edges of the benchtop are machined to a desired profile. All Decors are able to be made as 'Custom Made' benchtops.

 180 Bullnose Profile (Excluding Admira + Sois Mendinni Brands)

 D Shape / Classic Profile (Excluding Admira + Sois Mendinni Brands)

 Laminate Square Edge Profile

Easy guide to ordering your new CUSTOM MADE Bench Top

1. Choose your décor - Choose here
2. Choose your profile above - Choose here
3. Choose your desired thickness (33mm or 39mm)
3. Download the quote/order form - Benchtop Quote Form
4. Email your form to us for a no obligation quote/order to


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