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Our Story

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Authorised Distributors ,Importers and Fabricators of Quality European Board and Laminate Products. Brands include Duropal | Admira | Sois Mendinni Laminates & BTC Furniture Linoleum.


An Australian owned family business. Bench Top City Pty Ltd commenced the fabrication of bench tops and doors in 1987. Progressed to a stage of producing laminate products utilizing the worlds best practices. We fabricate Bench Tops in all brands of laminate as well as offering a cut to size programme on our range of Imported European Laminate and Board products. We are located in Dandenong South, Melbourne VIC.


We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm.  Our showroom provides a pleasurable viewing experience allowing you to comfortably explore all design options for your project.


We fabricate Bench Tops in all brands of laminate as well as offering a cut to size programme on our range of Imported European Laminate and Board products. 


Bench Top City Pty Ltd - a strong partner for high-quality wood-based panels, with outstanding decorative surface expertise, customer-focused service and a consistant orientation to sustainability - economical, ecological and social.

our people

Bench Top City Pty Ltd – Over 35 Years. Family Owned & Managed.

Directors Reg Dennis & Aubrey Dennis

General Manager Kevin Burke

National Sales & Marketing Manager Michele Dennis

National Operations Manager Melanie Dennis

National Architect Specification Project & Marketing Manager Justin Dennis

National Trade, Commercial Project Manager Alton Dennis



Today, tomorrow we develop ourselves to fulfill your expectations.

We achieve our goals with

  • high quality products
  • excellent services
  • responsible employees


The key to everybody's success.

  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Environment


  • Our Principals, Pfleiderer have always attached great importance to energy management in our manufacturing processes, which is not least demonstrated by the combined heat and power stations in operation at their Baruth, Gütersloh and Neumarkt sites.
  • As a part of Pfleiderer’s management system, energy planning is carried out in coordination with the distribution, production and purchasing areas involved. Regularly updated at frequent intervals, energy planning takes account of forward-looking assessments and actual consumption.
  • Based on energy data collected in 2011 at all Pfleiderer sites, regular assessments and analysis is conducted regarding the usage and consumption of energy, thereby creating energy registers that are regularly updated.
  • These energy registers form the basis for identifying improvement potentials in the energy field.
  • In the assessment, Pfleiderer consider changes of important elements of the energy management system, such as energy consumption, key figures, measures and targets in the field of energy. Pfleiderer assess trends that have actually materialized and also review the effectiveness of planned and executed measures.


  • We can only build a future worth living by thinking and acting sustainably. At Bench Top City P/L in Partnership with our Principals, Pfleiderer we do everything in our power to achieve this goal. That is why sustainability is an essential condition in all our corporate activities.
  • At economic, ecological and social levels: Our products are not only manufactured with the utmost care; our processes are also controlled by a certified environmental management system. We have a special responsibility, not only as a manufacturer, but as an employer as well:  For this reason, our company cultivates a culture of mutual trust geared towards responsible, self-reliant action.  This means sustainability for your benefit - environmentally sound products, committed employees and maximum satisfaction.



Responsible action is the basis of our business. Every employee is obligated to observe the Business Conduct Guidelines. We act responsible and "compliant", in accordance with legal rules and regulations as well as our internal principles and rules.

We implemented a Compliance System, which is based on three levels: Preventrecognise and react.


Sustainable thinking and actions is the requirement for the future for us all. Awareness for sustainably produced and healthy living products is also growing increasingly among your customers.

Bench Top City P/L in conjunction with our Principal Pfleiderer, pays attention to unconditional sustainability of all the company's activities. On all levels – economic, ecological and social: We not only produce our products with the greatest possible care, but also within the framework of a certified environmental management system. In the production Pfleiderer pays attention to unconditional ecology, for example, the formaldehyde-free bonded LivingBoard, synonymous with sustainable building for almost four decades.
As an employer we also have particular responsibility: Therefore, in our company, a culture of trust aimed at employees' acting on their own responsibility is maintained. Sustainability, from which you profit – through environmentally compatible products, committed employees and maximum satisfaction.


  • Illegally harvested timber. wood from regions, where traditional and civil basic rights are violated.
  • wood from high-conservation value forests that are endangered by forest management.
  • wood from regions where natural forests are converted into plantations or used for non-forest purposes.
  • wood from forests that include genetically modified tree species.


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